What is Project Homeless Connect?

Originating in San Francisco in 2004, Project Homeless Connect was created as a way to bring necessary services to the homeless. The San Francisco Department of Public Health realized the need for a new and unique approach. They understood that conventional methods of service did not effectively meet the needs of the homeless.

Project Homeless Connect is equal parts welcoming homeless neighbors into the life of the community, changing the way resources are accessed, and achieving quantifiable results for people experiencing homelessness.

Project Homeless Connect is intended to change how business is done in local communities when it comes to expediting outcomes, lowering barriers, removing obstacles, and increasing results. Public and private sector resource providers work side-by-side in a new configuration, with a focus on problem-solving and results.

Project Homeless Connect has been identified by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness as an innovation that can move people more quickly toward housing and stability and furthers the goals of community 10 Year Plans to end homelessness. With encouragement and technical assistance from the Council, more than 200 communities, large and small, in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, have now adopted Project Homeless Connect. For more information about this national initiative please visit www.usich.gov.


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